Greenpoint/ Williamsburg – McCarren Park

Christmas is here, 24/7! Located at Driggs Ave. and Manhattan Ave. on the border of two uber-hip Brooklyn neighborhoods, Greg’s Trees at McCarren Park is a magical experience and a sight to behold. The first thing you notice when you enter Greg’s Trees is Mr. Shakee, the wackiest tree-cleaning machine you’ll ever see. Near the entrance, scan our QR code and you’ll quickly have all of Greg’s products -including New York’s best selection of fresh-cut Christmas trees- and prices at your fingertips. You marvel at a wall of perfect farm-fresh wreaths, both decorated and undecorated. You step into Greg’s Christmas Shopand see before you colorful Christmas lights, decorations, ornaments, garland and roping, Cinco tree stands, and our most popular item, Rudi’s Cuties: charming artisan reindeer made from 100% reclaimed forest deadfall. Speaking of trees, get ready for the main attraction! You wander through open green aisles filled with hundreds of Greg’s Traditional Balsam and Greg’s Classic Fraser, plus two ultra-premium firs you won’t find anywhere else: The Noble and The Nordmann. Plus, that QR code you’ve already scanned gives you access to special (and specially-priced) trees available in-person only: fancy grade Balsams and Frasers, and beautiful Silver firs fresh from Upstate New York. And whether you’re looking for a 3′ cutie or a 12″ jumbo, Greg’s “elves” (identifiable by the signature red hoodie) are always happy to help find the perfect tree for you. Breeze through our no-hassle checkout at the Square station. Finally, you’ll notice a charming custom-made bicycle ready to deliver a fresh-cut tree right to any home in North Brooklyn. Decorating services available.

Greg Walsh’s ties to the neighborhood go back to the 1990s, when the artist behind Greg’s murals and photo-op boards moved into a flat on Metropolitan Ave. Greg set up a small tree stand on the northern end of McCarren Park. As the neighborhood grew, thrived, and welcomed families, so did Greg’s Trees, eventually expanding to a second Greenpoint location: The Springs.

Greg’s Trees at McCarren Park is open 24 hours and is paws-itively pet friendly.

A few McCarren facts:

* The “Is-it-Williamsburg-or-Greenpoint?” debate goes back to the early 20th Century, when the space was known as Williamsburg Park for three and a half years and then Greenpoint Park for three and a half years. In 1909, following the death of NY Senator Patrick McCarren, the community settled on McCarren Park.

* The McCarren Park Pool has an underground network of secret tunnels.

What neighbors are saying:

“For some people it’s not Christmas season until they hear Mariah Carey. For me it’s not Christmas season until I buy my tree at Greg’s Trees. My kids love putting their faces in the holes of the character cutouts, and to be honest, so do I. The lights, the music… it’s a whole mood.” -Leon, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

“I’ve lived in Greenpoint for seven years now. Picking out my tree at Greg’s is my favorite way to kick off the holiday season. And I get the bike delivery! Always get the bike delivery.” – Margelys, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

776 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11222