dominos park

Williamsburg – Domino Park

We hope you enjoyed Greg’s Great Pumpkin Patch, Domino Park’s first ever Fall festival.Now get ready for visions of Domino sugar-plums to dance in your head as Greg’s Trees returns to Domino Park.

Gregory Walsh, founder of Greg’s Trees, has been bringing fresh-cut Christmas trees to New York’s neighborhoods for over 35 years. Last year, Two Trees, the management group that transformed two of Brooklyn’s neglected waterfronts into vibrant communities and multi-use green space, invited Greg’s Trees to bring that holiday magic to Domino Park (you could say Greg’s Trees and Two Trees have good chemis-tree).The massive Christmas popup was a success, and now Greg and his “elves” are excited to be back serving residents of One South First, 325 Kent Avenue, and the rest of this amazing Waterfront community.

For the uninitiated, we must tell you that Greg’s Trees is no ordinary sidewalk tree stand. Starting in late November, you can head down to River Street near the old Domino factory, and stroll into a winter wonderland of lights, music, and the smell of real trees. Step behind one of Greg’s famous character cutouts for some highly Instagrammable fun. Be sure to scan the QR code by the entrance and you’ll have a ‘menu’ with the prices of every item -including trees of every type and size- in the palm of your hand. Ready for Greg’s Christmas Shop? That’s where you’ll find a complete line of holiday products including colorful Christmas lights, decorations, ornaments, garland and roping, Cinco tree stands, and our most popular item, Rudi’s Cuties: charming artisan reindeer made from 100% reclaimed forest deadfall. Greg’s Trees has gorgeous farm-fresh wreaths, both decorated and undecorated. And then there’s the main attraction: a veritable forest of fresh-cut Christmas trees for sale. Greg’s Trees has New York’s best variety of Christmas trees, including Greg’s Classic Fraser, Greg’s Traditional Balsam, and two trees you won’t find anywhere else: The Noble Firand The Nordmann. And you’re in luck: that QR code you’ve already scanned gives you access to special (and specially priced) trees available in-person only: fancy grade Balsams and Frasers, and dazzling Silver firs fresh from Upstate New York. And whether you’re looking for a 3′ cutie or a 12′ jumbo or anything in between, Greg’s elves (identifiable by the signature red hoodie) are happy to assist you. Once you’ve found your perfect tree, there’s no hassle: refer to the menu for the price and head to our Square station for a fast, easy checkout. Greg’s Trees gladly delivers (and even offers tree setup and decorating services).

Greg’s Trees is open around the clock for the entire holiday season and is paws-itively pet friendly.

What neighbors are saying:

“I’m fairly new to the neighborhood. Last year I went to Greg’s Trees and got my first real tree, plus lights, a stand, ornaments, garland, the works. The young woman who helped me was really helpful and nice. I loved my tree so much I didn’t take it down until February.” – Javon, Williamsburg

15 River St, Brooklyn, NY 11211