The traditional European Christmas tree, Greg’s is the first to bring this exotic fir to the NYC market. It?s known for its shiny, deep green color, and for its well-spaced branches.

A Victorian beauty. The Nordmann Fir, originally a European tree, is known for its even shape, full body, and virtually fragrance-free needles.

Abies nordmanniana is a European tree that’s native to the Black Sea’s mountainous regions, especially Turkey, Georgia, and the Ukraine. It’s been cultivated throughout Europe, and is considered the traditional Christmas tree in England. But you don’t have to travel across the pond to experience a Dickensian Christmas, because each year Greg’s Trees brings The Nordmann to New York City in all its regal Victorian glory!

Several years ago on a trip to Noble Mountain, a family-run Christmas tree farm outside Salem, Oregon, Greg Walsh asked his partner/master grower if there was a way to cultivate a Nordmann Fir in the US. After some research, the grower discovered that the climate of the Cascades was remarkably similar to that of the Caucasus Mountains where Nordmanns thrive. He obtained the seeds and planted them across a vast tract of Noble Mountain. After much trial and error –and a full decade of nurturing and waiting– The Nordmann was finally ready for its close-up. The majestic fir was an immediate success at Greg’s Trees –it sold out the first week! The growers have increased the production to meet fierce demand, but Greg’s Trees, still the only Nordmann spot in New York City, often sells out of the coveted firs by the second week of December.

What’s so special about The Nordmann?

* It’s naturally stunning. Fuller at the bottom than a Fraser, its conical shape is second to none.

* The needles have almost no fragrance, making The Nordmann a terrific option for people with allergies.

* The Nordmann resists shedding needles for a long time.


“I got my first Nordmann from Greg’s Trees in 2020 when everything was crazy. It was so beautiful I actually wanted to just stay in my apartment and look at it. Last year I got The Nordmann again. And this year will be the same. It’s the most comforting tree there is. And you can only get it at Greg’s Trees.” – Alpha, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“We always put up the fake tree because of my allergies. My husband constantly reminds me that he grew up putting up a real tree. I heard the Nordmann is supposed to be the least fragrant tree, so last year we gave it a try. I had no problems with my allergies the entire time it was up. I mean it might be different for everyone, but I absolutely loved having a real tree for once. Thanks, Greg!” – DeeDee, Park Slope, Brooklyn

“I bought The Nordmann from I lived in Manchester, UK for three years, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a Nordmann Fir available here in New York. And I was even happier when it arrived at my door. The guys from Greg’s Trees set it up for me, and I had a blast listening to music and decorating.” – Tom, East Village, NYC