The Cadillac of Christmas trees, the Noble is known for its lovely symmetrical shape and majestic three-dimensional needles. This exotic tree is long-lasting and has very strong branches.

The king of Christmas trees. The Noble Fir is famous for its lovely symmetrical shape, strong branches, and three-dimensional needles.

Abies procera is a fir exclusive to the Pacific Northwest. Growing up to 120 feet tall in the wild, it is the largest fir in the Western Hemisphere. No wonder the Umpqua Indians called it the Noble Fir! Although the variety you’ll find at Greg’s Trees is harvested at a height more suitable to your home, we think you’ll find “The Noble” very worthy of its name. Greg’s Trees was instrumental in bringing this Oregon classic to New York City, where it quickly became the “it” tree of the early 21st Century. There has been a shortage of Nobles in recent years, causing most tree sellers east of the Rockies to stop selling them. But Greg Walsh knows the demands of his most discriminating customers: they want The Noble! And so, every summer, Greg flies out to Oregon, where he meets his partner/master grower. In a candy-apple red pickup truck, they drive out to some real Beaver State backcountry, and talk trees:

GREG: So you don’t use any pesticides at all?

BOB: Not unless you count ladybugs, lacewings, praying mantis, and honeybees.

GREG: And that keeps the pests off the trees?

BOB: Sure does.

Finally, they arrive at Noble Mountain, a family-run Christmas tree farm nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Range. And there the selection process begins, as Greg walks through the vast hillside fields “tagging” the fullest, healthiest, most aesthetic Noble Firs for the upcoming season. This personal touch, this close relationship with generations of family farmers, is why Greg’s Trees is the only place in New York City still selling the majestic (and much coveted) Noble Fir.

Serious about Christmas? It might be time to upgrade:

* Nobles have a perfect shape that’s all-natural (never sheared).

* Their three-dimensional needles give each branch a distinct roundness.

* They look great with or without a lot of ornaments. The branches split dynamically, which allows more places to hang ornaments, yet looks full even if you don’t have a large ornament collection.

* Known for a lovely emerald color.


“I usually entertain at least once during the holidays. I really go all-out with the decorating, and the centerpiece of my townhouse is invariably the Christmas tree. My guests look forward to it the way most people look forward to the Rockefeller tree. “What kind of tree will Laura get this year?” Okay, here’s the spoiler: I always get The Noble (9′) from Greg’s Trees. It’s dazzling, it’s elegant, it’s sublime perfection. If you want a tree that makes a statement, that has a “wow” factor, that absolutely makes your holiday, I highly recommend The Noble. And Greg’s Trees is literally the only place you can buy one.” – Laura, Gramercy, Manhattan.

“I ordered The Noble from and picked it up at their Greenwood Park location. It’s perfect: 10 out of 10.” – Angel, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn