One of the best New York Christmas trees because of its mild fragrance, symmetrical shape, strong limbs, and soft needles.

A true modern classic. The Fraser Fir is known for its strong branches, dazzling blue-green color, and excellent needle retention.

Although the Fraser Fir (named after a Scottish botanist) has existed for more than two centuries, it rose to popularity in the 1990s, when Gregory Walsh and Scott Lechner began to introduce the sylvan beauties to their New York City tree stands. Customers immediately began to flock toward the majestic, shimmering Frasers, and away from the (let’s face it, bushy) Douglas firs that were then in fashion. Today, not surprisingly, Greg’s Classic Fraser is Greg’s Trees’ #1 seller.

Abies fraseri is native to a few small patches of the Appalachian Mountains bordering four states. These states have had enormous success cultivating the coveted firs on Christmas tree farms, as local farmers have worked tirelessly to meet the demands of die-hard Fraser customers each holiday season. Every summer, Greg rolls down the windows of his pickup truck (with its eponymous SANTA license plate) and heads down to the Blue Ridge Mountains to tag Frasers in the Tennessee and North Carolina fields. Once tagged, all the trees (except your special orders, of course) will remain in the verdant fields until the start of the Christmas season. Greg’s “late cut” policy guarantees your family will get the freshest Fraser possible. Of course the rest of the story –an online order for delivery, curbside pickup, or a visit to the magical winter wonderland that is Greg’s Trees– is up to you.

Are you a Greg’s Classic Fraser believer yet? Consider:

* Frasers have a fine, symmetrical shape. The upright branches slightly settle in the house, but won’t droop.

* A Fraser has the same gorgeous teal hue as a Blue Spruce. But unlike the prickly Spruce (ouch!), the Fraser Fir has needles that are soft to the touch (ahhh…).

* Frasers have famously good needle retention, making them an excellent choice if you like to put your tree up early and/or take your tree down late.


“There’s nothing like a Fraser. The color, everything! The branches are so full –and strong. I have a few heavy ornaments and it’s never a problem; the Fraser branches are always strong enough to hold them. I buy a Fraser from Greg’s Trees every. single. year.” – Elizabeth, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“The Fraser is my go-to, ride-or-die Christmas tree. I do my annual “pinup” holiday photo where I get dressed up (dress, heels, gloves) and pose with a cocktail in front of a stunning Fraser and a silver curtain. It’s a Nya tradition!” -Nya, Lower East Side, NYC

“We always look at all the trees and we always end up getting the Fraser. There’s something about how when they pick it up and tap the trunk on the ground… the whole tree kind of shimmies. It looks unbelievable. Some of the other trees at Greg’s are just as nice, maybe even nicer, but they don’t have that Fraser shimmy. Look for the shimmy!” – Sam, Fort Greene, Brooklyn