This October Domino Park welcomes Greg’s Great Pumpkin Patch, a pop-up full of Fall fun for the whole family (including pets). The festivities will include harvest-themed decorations, a country-style pumpkin patch, a hay maze, and a doggie costume contest.

Gregory Walsh, founder of Greg’s Trees, has been bringing holiday magic to New York’s neighborhoods for over 35 years. Last year, Two Trees, the management group that transformed Williamsburg’s long-neglected waterfront into a multi-use green space, invited Greg’s Trees to Domino Park. The Christmas tree market was a success, and now Two Trees is excited to bring Greg’s Great Pumpkin Patch to Domino Park and to serve residents of One South First, 325 Kent Avenue, and the rest of this amazing Waterfront community.

Craving some Fall fun on a crisp October day (or night)? Starting October 1st, you can head down to River Street near the old Domino factory, and stroll into a field filled with over a thousand pumpkins and a zillion ways to have fun. You can paint your own pumpkin on site. Step behind one of Greg’s famous character cutouts for some highly Instagrammable pics. There will be a hay maze for small children. And then there’s the event that we can’t wait to see: a Halloween costume contest for dogs, with prizes for the winners and a spectacular paw-rade for all!

Ready for Greg’s Halloween Shop? Be sure to scan the QR code by the entrance and you’ll have a ‘menu’ with the prices of every item –including pumpkins of every type and size– in the palm of your hand. That’s where you’ll find a complete line of harvest-time products including scarecrows (2″ to 5′ tall!), decorations, cornstalks, sunflowers, plants and flowers, Fall centerpieces, and fancy gourds. And then there’s the main attraction: Greg’s Great Pumpkin Patch has New York’s best variety of pumpkins, including Greg’s Famous Howden Carving Pumpkins, Greg’s Sugar Pumpkins (sweet as pie!), field pumpkins, and Long Island Cheese pumpkins. Greg’s also carries many varieties you won’t find anywhere else: Cinderella pumpkins, Lumina White pumpkins, Jarrahdale pumpkins, Porcelain Doll pumpkins, and Baby Boos. Once you’ve found your perfect pumpkin, there’s no hassle: refer to the menu for the price and head to our Square station for a fast, easy checkout. Greg’s Great Pumpkin Patch gladly delivers.

What neighbors are saying:

“I got my Christmas tree at Greg’s Trees in Domino Park last December. It was a nice experience, one that I’m looking forward to again. And I can’t wait to see the pumpkin patch. I always get about a dozen pumpkins to put on my stoop and lots of gourds, corn stalks and hay. Greg’s Pumpkin Patch should have everything I need.” -Ryan, Williamsburg

“My kids are already excited about the pumpkin painting, and my dog has no idea what she’s in for with the dog Halloween costume contest. Thanks Greg! Now I don’t have to drive all the way out to Suffolk County and fight traffic on the L.I.E. I can just go to Greg’s Great Pumpkin Patch right here in Brooklyn.” -Sandy, Carroll Gardens