At McCarren Park

New York City Christmas Trees in the manhattan, brooklyn, and bronx

Situated on the border of two uber-hip Brooklyn neighborhoods, Greg’s Trees in McCarren Park is a sight to behold. Beneath the iconic towering sled (complete with giant reindeer) stands Li’l Shakee, the wackiest tree-cleaning machine you’ll ever see. Santa visits to be announced. Add to that our bicycle delivery guys and NYC’s largest selection of exotic trees, and you’ve got a truly unique blast of holiday feels.

About McCarren Park

A park equally valued and cherished in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, McCarren Park is the site of endless games of kickball, soccer, baseball, bocce, handball, basketball, football, and tennis, not to mention running meets and playground antics. It is 35 acres of bustling activity, shared by families born into the neighborhood, recent immigrants, and young renters. McCarren Park is home to the McCarren Park Pool and Play Center, completed in 2012


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